Chai (pronounced as a single syllable and rhymes with ‘pie’) is a blend of spices, the most common being cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper, which are added to a pot of boiling milk and water along with a robust black tea and sugar.

Chai is a centuries old beverage which has played an important role in many cultures; one of the most popular and well known is India.  Chai in India is a sweet aromatic spiced milk tea consumed by millions of people each day it is the drink of choice, and everyday Indian life, one which is fast becoming ours too!

In the past three years there has been a phenomenal growth in the popularity and interest in Chai, becoming very common at coffee shops and an increasing line of pre-packaged consumer products. Many industry analysts are predicting that Chai will eventually become as popular and common as coffee lattes and cappuccinos.